New dogs in the Buffy Scheme

There are a few new dogs in the Buffy Scheme. Please meet them below, as told by Sulaiman;


This dog was initially brought in to the clinic for treatment but was abandoned by his owner for about 3 month. He was a little bit mangy and have wounds all over his ears and legs. He was well treated and when we finally gave up on his owner, we named him slaws. He has already been adopted by one of SLAWS staff.

Congo Town

We don’t have any information yet on Congo Town more than a close up of one of the wounds he had when he arrived at SLAWS.


This dog was found in a pit with mange all over his back. He was brought in by this man and was treated. The problem with his dog is that the owner have moved to a different location so we can not get any information from him until further notice.


As always, we are desperate for new sponsors to join the sceme. If you could like to sponsor a dog on a monthly basis with as little as from £5 per month please get in touch,

If you can’t afford to join the scheme it still helps us tremendously if you spread the word. Put a note up in your local supermarket or at your vet’s clinic, shre our stories on Facebook and Twitter – anything goes.

Thank you.

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Congo Cross

We have a new dog in the Buffy Dogs Project; Congo Cross. She was found by a white lady called Noeel on the main road Congo Cross. Noeel brough her to SLAWS where the poor little dog was treated for mange and given food.

Congo Cross is up for adoption and SLAWS are looking for a new home for her. If you would like to support Congo Cross please get in touch,


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New arrival in the Buffy Dogs Project

We have a new arrival in the Buffy Dogs Project. I’m still waiting to hear what her name is so for now I’m calling her “Lovetta’s dog” as Lovetta is her previous owner.

Lovetta didn’t want to give up her dog, however unfortunately the landlord for her flat didn’t allow her to have any pets. She tried hiding the dog as long as possible but eventually she had to look for alternatives as the landlord threatened to evict her.

It’s not easy to find a flat in Freetown and Lovetta started looking for a new home for her dog. That isn’t easy either and Lovetta was just about to have her lovely dog put down when she heard about the Buffy Dogs Project. She arranged to bring her there and she sometimes visits to see that the dog is happy and she brings it food every now and then.

SLAWS are now looking to re-home the dog and if you would like to sponsor it please get in touch via email, 

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New donation

I sent around an email to my work colleagues with information about the Buffy Dogs Project and as a result received £20 donation from one of the managers, Mr . Christophe Berger. (Although I promised him not to tell his cats!) You never know who will come out of the “woordwork” and help you towards your goal.

Please help me spreading the word about the charity. The dogs in Sierra Leone need your help.

Thank you.


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Have you thought about adopting a dog for Christmas?

Adopting a dog is a brilliant Christmas present for someone who has it all. The dogs in Sierra Leone need your attention and care more than ever. There are different alternatives;

You could give someone an “initial treatment pack” which is for new dogs arriving to SLAWS. They are washed, cleaned, groomed, neutered and vaccinated. This costs £20.

If you are feeling extra generous you could give someone an “initial treatment pack + 6 months worth of food”. That would cost £200.

You can off course give anything inbetween as well. It’s up to you how the money should be spent, whether it should go to neutering of the dogs, vaccination against rabies, mange treatment, grooming, food or housing.

If you have any questions, please get in touch,


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Paypal sorted

It is now possible to support Buffy Dogs Project if you live outside of the UK. All you need is a paypal account. Donations can be sent to

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New Sponsor – Linda Engstrom

I’m pleased to announce that Pinchi now has a sponsor, Linda Engstrom who lives in Dubai with her partner David.

Linda has always had cats and is an avid animal lover. When I told her about the Buffy Project Linda straight away said she wanted to support a dog. She wanted to support Wirelegs initially but I already have two sponsors who’s asked me to keep him for them. (They are just waiting for me to finalise Paypal payments and then they will join Linda in sponsoring a dog on a monthly basis.)

I hear from SLAWS that there are 8 dogs in the Buffy project and as soon as they have time they will send me more information about the other dogs. SLAWS have been very busy recently with World Rabies Day and visits from charity veterinary teams. The Spey Sisters and Roz Ghering have been visiting (I think Roz is still out there) and together with SLAWS team they have vaccinated and neutered more than 5,000 animals all around Sierra Leone including cats, dogs, and livestock.

This is an amazing feat by Dr. Jalloh, his team and the visiting vets which means we are closer to eradicating rabies from Sierra Leone and to restrict the cats and dog population. I’m so pleased the Buffy Project is headed up by SLAWS as they work so hard for animal welfare in a country where there are so many vulnerable cats, dogs and livestock.

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